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Revolutionizing Education through Technology and Innovation

Founded in 2018, with a deep understanding of both education systems and technology, driven by a passion to make a difference, GoLEAD's mission is to help Universities and Educational Institutions leverage technology to create value at scale, expanding their reach and enhancing Educational Outcomes.

What do online program management services comprise of?

GoLEAD offers a wide range of OPM services that allows you to curate and deploy custom courses with your choice of LMS providers. GoLEAD’s all-around services create unique online courses that include text, audio and visual content curated by our team of experts.

GoLEAD OPM Services

Our Partners

Empowering Education through Collaboration:  Our Trusted Partners for Innovative EdTech Solutions

The GoLEAD and Classter partnership provides a modern education management system that supports personalized learning. This collaboration helps educators streamline their administrative processes and enhance student learning outcomes.


NEJM Healer is a virtual medical learning tool for teaching, assessing, and mastering clinical reasoning. It uses case-based learning with actionable expert feedback and allows learners to engage in simulated patient encounters. The platform simplifies complex reasoning into digestible steps and provides detailed feedback in various formats, fostering interactive learning.

NEJM Healer

The best in its class, Witwiser offers online proctoring software that allows users to take the test from anywhere while maintaining the integrity of the exams.


A data-driven online assessment platform that leverages advanced data analytics and reporting capabilities to track the performance of individual students, groups, or entire classes. This information can be used to make informed decisions and drive student success, resulting in more effective learning outcomes.


What Our Clients Say

I recently had the opportunity to work with GoLEAD and their team who helped us create and deliver a comprehensive English Diploma Course. The trainers were knowledgeable and provided invaluable feedback and guidance around instructional design frameworks. Thanks to the course outsourcing were able to deliver and implement the course along with LMS integration in a timely and cost-effective manner.

GoLEAD Testimonials
Joew Harbert

Managing Director, Albearoti Solutions